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Based on our own knowledge and literature research, we have drawn up a manual for facilitating online meetings.

Manual ‘Facilitating Online Meetings’

The manual contains the following chapters:

Introduction to facilitating online meetings
Update history
1 Face2face vs. online meetings
2 Tools
3 Intake for an online meeting
4 Workshop design for an online meeting
5 How do I properly prepare for the online meeting?
6 Safety
7 The workshop
8 Completion
9 Teaching methods
10 The future

Ten attachments  with specific information about tools and tips for using these tools..

The first version of this manual was distributed free of charge to subscribers to the newsletter from 17 March. On December 27, version 20 was distributed to subscribers. The manual is updated with the experiences of our trainers, information from the internet and from literature and information and experiences that we receive. Ten updates will appear in 2021.
The manual has grown from 23 pages in version 1 to more then 110 pages in version 20.

Workbook ‘Online Working Methods’

The workbook ‘Online Working Methods’ now comprises 66 working methods. New working methods are added regularly.

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Yes, I want to increase my knowledge of online facilitation
Online course ‘Facilitating Online Meetings’

If you prefer to follow a course on online facilitation, that is also possible. Read more about it in the ‘Facilitating Online Meetings‘ course. With this course you get a free subscription to the manual and workbook (until December 31, 2021).