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By completing the short questionnaire below, you will gain insight into the complexity of your meeting. The questionnaire is based on the work of Sandy Schumann, editor of the IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation).

Your meeting can fall into one of the three categories below. For each category you will receive advice from us about how to supervise the meeting.

  • Small or no complex meetings
    You can arrange the supervision of the meeting yourself. However, it can work well for mutual relations to use somewhat freer working methods.
  • Complex meetings
    The supervision of your meeting by an (external) facilitator can be useful. In any case, ask a colleague or an (external) facilitator for advice.
  • Very complex meetings
    Independent supervision of your meeting by an (external) facilitator is strongly recommended.

You will receive the result of the checklist immediately by email.

Checklist: Do I need a(n external) facilitator?


Number of participants:


Background of the participants:


Commonality among the participants:


Relative position of the participants:


Time pressure of the underlying question:


Complexity or frequency of the meeting::
Risk concerning the result of the meeting:


Spending versus income of the meeting:mst:

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