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Facilitating for Effect (Facilitating level 3)

People want to work in effective teams, make a difference in the world, follow their passion. But collaborating with other people costs time and energy, and does not always lead to the desired results.

This training programme explores some key questions:

  • Why does teamwork sometimes fail?
  • What approaches offer the best results?
  • How do you improve your ability to assist teams to work better?
  • For international work, what helps and what hinders collaboration?
  • How do you ensure people are satisfied after a meeting or workshop?
  • What underlying skills does one need to tackle different kinds of problems?
  • How does one design powerful events?

We practice widely used techniques such as guided conversations, theory of change, open space technology and valuable principles like gradients of agreement (not just binary choices) and the divergence-chaos-convergence models.

We aim to celebrate the values of diversity in groups.

You develop your ability to:

  • make agreements in a group to tackle issues and opportunities;
  • draw out people who remain silent and do not contribute their wisdom;
  • develop trust in the group and enable sharing of ideas and potentials;
  • help a group to deal with conflicts and difficult situations.

The training helps you to develop your own awareness of your strengths and areas of improvement and to build confidence in your ability to make a difference in group work.

IAF Competencies

The six areas of competencies of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) form the basis of our own practice and work. The course provides a basic grounding for possible future assessment as a Certified Professional Facilitator.


This course is developed by MDF icw Frank Little. We are pleased to partner with their international facilitation experts.

Deze training wordt alleen in-company gegeven
Place to be decided
6 days
The course involves between four and eight participants.
Voor wie

This training program is intended for people who have to lead groups, especially diverse groups working internationally, and who wish to improve their own personal effectivity as a group leader or facilitator and assist their teams to achieve superior performance.


The investment in this course of six day sessions is € 2950 excluding Dutch VAT. This includes course materials in digital form (PDF), coffee/tea/refreshments during the days, and lunch.
Please contact us when you are interested in this course.


De training wordt ook in-company gegeven. Neem hiervoor contact met ons op.

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De trainer(s)

Jolanda Buter (MDF T&C)

Growing up in the time of the cold war period I got convinced that positive change only can occur by listening to the deeper wisdom of people. Knowledge is there but it needs the right questions to explore and make it useful for each. It explains the reason why this training is offered.

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