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Facilitating Online Meetings (online)

  • Do your online meetings look like this Youtube-video?
  • Are you looking for tips & tricks to improve the experience of your online meetings?
  • Do you want to know how to keep the focus of your participants?
  • Do you want to make a good program for your online meeting?
  • Do you wish to find out what tools there are to improve the content of your online meetings?

In this course you will get the answers to all your questions about facilitating online meetings.


At the end of this course you can design and facilitate your online program. you know how to make an online meeting attractive and interactive for your participants.


The training is based on the digital Guideline ‘Facilitating Online Meetings’ and the workbook ‘Online Energizers’. You will receive these as a pre-read. Both are regularly updated and you will get free updates until 31-12-2021, because we keep adding new knowledge, tips and tricks.

The training consists of two parts. We use Zoom in these parts. If desired, MS Teams can be used for in-company training.

Part 1: The theory (4 hrs)

In this part we discuss and show the theory of facilitating online meetings. We will talk about the topics:

  1. The design of a program for online meetings.
  2. How to keep the energy, focus and involvement of all participants (including the quiet ones) and facilitate the group dynamics.
  3. Online facilitation techniques, tips, tricks.
  4. How to visualize content (use of movies, drawings, googledoc, etc.).
  5. How to promote online collaboration between participants.
  6. How to manage smaller (< 20 participants) and larger groups (> 20 participants).
  7. How to facilitate hybrid sessions.
Part 2: Facilitating online workshops (4 hrs)

You can only learn to facilitate by doing it. And that is also the case for online facilitation. That is why in Part B it is your turn to show us!
You will facilitate a mini online workshop of approximaly 15 minutes. It is your chance to experiment with one of the new tools you learned in Part A. Give it a go, and learn how it feels like to use the tools and how your participants interact with the tool.

Each mini workshop is discussed with all participants for 10 minutes. The debriefing focuses on providing tools and tips to further improve implementation.
If there is enough time left, we will discuss any remaining questions in response to the manual “Facilitating Online Meetings” or the workbook “Online Teaching Methods”.

There are two days between part 1 and part 2 to give you the time to prepare your mini-workshop.

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Deze training wordt alleen in-company gegeven
Your own workplace.
Two online workshops of 4 hours each.
Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants.
Voor wie

For every body who wants to learn how to facilitate online meetings and has some experience in facilitating face2face meetings.


The investment for this course is € 520 excl. VAT for two online workshops. If you book this training more than 30 days before the start date, you will receive an early-bird discount of € 25 excl. VAT.

With the training you will automatically receive the manual ‘Facilitating Online Meetings’ and the workbook ‘Online Work Forms’ and the updates up to and including December 31, 2021 for free.

De training wordt ook in-company gegeven. Neem hiervoor contact met ons op. Voor deze opleiding gelden de Algemene voorwaarden en de Privacy verklaring


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De trainer(s)

Judith de Jong

faciliteert workshops en geeft trainingen. Hierbij helpt ze de deelnemers om uit hun routines te stappen. Ze is op haar best als het lukt om mensen te laten samenwerken en ze in flow te brengen. Hoe ze dat doet? Ze biedt structuur als dat nodig is en daagt je uit om jezelf te stretchen.

Nel Mostert

plaatst de onderdelen van een training in een praktisch perspectief met hands-on tips en feedback.

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